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What Weaknesses in Your Security Do Burglars Look For?


Headed out of the house for vacation? You may want to consider these security concerns beforehand.

As we near the holiday season, more and more people are heading out of town for extended periods of time to visit their families. As great as this time may be, it also means we’re leaving our homes vulnerable to thieves. Burglars who know what they’re doing know exactly what security flaws to look for in a home so it is best to do all you can to keep yourself from being a target. These are the things burglars will look for to know that your security is easily breachable.

No Alarm System

Typically, any alarm system you buy will have a sign post you can put up alerting potential wrongdoers of the fact that you own a security system. This alone acts as a great thief-deterrent and will help keep your home safe. As soon as they see this, it’s a sign that it isn’t worth their time and they should simply move on. If the sign goes unnoticed, then the alarm system will end up actually doing its job; the moment a burglar breaks in, you’ll be notified and can inform the police.

Wrong Kind of Locks

Having multiple locks in this day and age is a necessity. One lock alone is pretty easy to compromise, either through lock picking or simply kicking your door in. The best solution is to secure your door completely, through the use of a deadbolt and a brand new door knob lock. If you have the money and interest, consider adding a smart lock to your arsenal as well, this way you don’t have to worry about keys and can rely on your phone to enter and exit your home.

Letting Your Home Look Vacant

If you’re going out of town, it’s a mistake to leave your home looking like nobody’s there. We realize that leaving all of the lights on can rack up your energy bills but lighting really isn’t the biggest drain on energy considering the benefits leaving some lights on while you’re out of town have. It will give burglars the impression that someone is at home, which is a cheap and easy security measure worth taking. If possible, have a neighbor, family member, or friend periodically stop by your home to collect the mail, turn lights on and off, and make your home look even more secure.

Integrated Technologies Group Can Help Integrate Your Security System

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