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Choosing a Home Security System

Home Security System ChoicesHomeowners are constantly finding ways to protect their families and possessions, especially when they aren’t home themselves. One the more popular ways homeowners are protecting their homes is by installing a new home security system. While some may think that one home security system will fit any residential home, today’s technology offers different options when it comes to a new home security system. So what should homeowners consider when choosing a new home security system?

  1. Size- Homeowners should first consider the size of their home when choosing their new home security system. Determine how many doors and windows are included in your home to help decide where sensors and control pads should be placed. Basement and garage entrances should also be considered when thinking about your security system.
  2. 24 Hours- Homeowners should decide if they want to pay the extra fee for 24 hour monitoring by your security company. With 24 hour monitoring, the security system team will be notified should an alarm sound from your home. When this happens, the team will then notify your local police station to send an officer to your home. Without 24 hour monitoring, a notification would be sent to a given phone number should an alarm go off from your system.
  3. Wires- Your new home security system can be either wireless or wired. A wireless system is an easier system to upgrade, install, and move. However, they are limited with their transmission range unlike a wired system. A wired system is more commonly found in residential homes and aren’t affected by electronic interference.
  4. Use- Homeowners should also consider who will be using the home security system. If children or senior citizens will be using the control pad, the system should be simple to use and understand.


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