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Central Vacuum versus Portable

Central VacuumWhen it comes to keeping a home clean, most homeowners keep a number of cleaning supplies and appliances stocked to get the job done. If you were to poll a neighborhood on what type of cleaning supplies they use, most homeowners will say they have a movable vacuum stashed in their closet. While a moveable vacuum is a trusted staple of a cleaning supply closet, the central vacuum is continuing to gain steam and popularity among homeowners. So why should you make the switch from a portable vacuum to a central vacuum?

  1. A central vacuum is known to help better the quality of air in your home. When you use a portable appliance, the dust and debris is kept in a cartridge that must be emptied within your home. When doing so, you are releasing some of that material back into the air of your home. With a central vacuum, dust and debris are sent outside of the home, keeping your air clean of the debris you just removed.
  2. A central vacuum adds a new level of convenience to your cleaning routine that a portable vacuum cannot. A central vacuum eliminates the need to carry a heavy appliance up and down stairs, which means more family members can help with the cleaning as well.
  3. When you install a central vacuum in your home, you are also increasing the overall value of your home as well. Homes that include a central vacuum are known to sell for about $2,000 more than a home that is without a vacuum unit.
  4. A central vacuum has a motor that remains in one place at all times, which means it can be a more powerful motor than those found in a portable unit. This means that your carpets and rugs are cleaned deeper than when a portable unit is used.


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