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Home Automation: Is it Beneficial?

Home Automation

In previous years, home automation has been rarely found within residential homes. However, as the technology continues to grow, home automation systems have become more popular finds in homes throughout the Maryland area. While some residents may think that home automation is unnecessary for their home, others have begun to realize the benefits that a home automation system can bring to a home.

  • A home automation system adds a new layer of safety to your home through the control of your lights and appliances. Home automation allows you to control your lights and appliances without having to be in your home. This means that your appliances can be turned off should you forget to unplug them before leaving your home. You can also run on your lights to make it appear as if your home while away on vacation or business.
  • A home automation system allows you to lock and unlock the doors to your home from your phone. This means that children can safely come and go from your home while you are still at work. You can also be notified if your door becomes unlocked while you are not home.
  • Security cameras- Security cameras can be incorporated with your home automation system to help you monitor your home while being at work or out of town. Cameras can be installed to monitor your front and back doors along with your yard and garage areas to deter criminal activity.
  • Temperature- Home automation allows you to adjust the temperature of your thermostat to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. You can turn your thermostat off during the day while no one is home while allowing you to have your home set at the correct temperature before you arrive home.
  • Money and time- Home automation allows you to save money on your energy bills while also saving time in the mornings. Should you forget to turn off a light or make an adjustment to your thermostat, time and gas won’t be wasted returning to your home.


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