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The Popularity of Home Automation

Home Automation Survery

Home automation is becoming more of a reality for many residential homes instead of just an idea that has been discussed. A recent survey conducted by Lowes and released by RisMedia showed that home automation is becoming popular among American homeowners, with about 70% saying that they would like to control some aspect of their home with their smartphone. The survey was taken by about 2,000 adults over the age of eighteen. Overall, the survey showed that Americans have a positive and open mindset about home automation with a widespread opinion on what matters most with the system. Over half of those surveyed believed that home automation was an important system to utilize in a home. Here are some of the most important statistics taken from the survey.

  • 62% believed the safety and security of their home is the most important benefit of home automation.
  • 40% believed that saving money on bills and becoming more energy efficient is the most important benefit of home automation.
  • 13% believed that the ease in which the home automation products could be used is the most important aspect of the system. Those surveyed who were of the age 65 or over were about twice as likely to feel this way compared to those under the age of 65.
  • 31% of those surveyed were focused on the cost of monthly fees for the home automation system.
  • 26% of those surveyed were focused on the overall cost of the entire system.


Overall, the survey found that American homeowners felt positively about a system that would make home management easier. Of the areas that were to be controlled, the main three areas that are of the highest concern for homeowners made the list.

  • 18% were concerned about leaving lights on after leaving the home.
  • 15% were concerned about forgetting to adjust their thermostat.
  • 5% were concerned about ensuring locked doors after leaving the home.


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