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Current Home Security Trends

Home-Security-TrendsPart of the responsibility of owning a home is defending it from intruders. However, in most cases, active prevention such as digging a moat and building a drawbridge are discouraged, to say the least. There are other methods of preventing intrusions that create stable home security and don’t violate common sense—or the law. Keeping on top of the latest home security trends can protect your home as well as a moat and drawbridge, without making you look paranoid or landing you in prison.

Home Device Integration

“Integration” refers to monitoring status updates on multiple devices. One of the fastest growing advancements is the ability to keep track of changes within your home from many different electronics. Smartphones are now able to watch over your home from afar using apps. This discreet manner of watchfulness is great for the traveler who needs to leave home on a frequent basis. By streaming security footage, you get a clear view of everything that happens around your house and can take steps to prevent intrusions or catch criminals in the act. The faster you are, the more of your safety you can preserve.

Video Surveillance

Speaking of video footage, this home security trend is a long-runner. Cameras are a great way to keep your home safe. Such surveillance is an excellent deterrent for all but the most foolish of intruders. For those brazen enough to still step onto your property unannounced, you have the evidence to show police the moment of disruption. Video surveillance now comes in HD and can also provide face recognition. Even if a robber has a mask, footage can provide important context clues to help track and catch a thief more quickly and effectively.

Remote Monitoring

Tying the two previous trends together is remote monitoring. Home security should never take a break—those breaks are when thieves and other home invaders break in and violate your right to privacy and safety. You can monitor your home anywhere with a stable Internet connection, giving you the chance to call authorities before an intruder leaves. The hard fact is that break-ins happen. If you can catch invaders as they approach your property or during the intrusion, you have the power to take back your security and stop future threats.

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