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Terms You Need To Know About Home Automation

Home Automation TermsA home automation system can help create a “smarter” home, but the terminology can make homeowners feel anything but smart. With new technology can come new language, which can become frustrating for some homeowners. The first step of understanding your new home automation system is to understand the terms that will come with the new system.

So what terms should you learn?

Gateway –This is known as the mechanism that allows your home automation system to communicate with your internet service.


Access Point –This can work in two different ways. The first way is that is can turn a power line signal into a wireless signal. The second way is by turning a wireless signal into a power line signal.


Power line –A power line is the electrical wiring within your home that allows your automation system to transmit signals out of the house.


Bridge –While it may not be a physical bridge, an electronic bridge is used in home automation to bring two things together. In this case, it connects networks together with your home automation system.


X-10 –This is one of the more important terms you will need to know for your home automation system. This is one of the leading technologies needed in order for your system to communicate with your smart devices and other devices.


UPB –This is the rival mechanism to the previous term X-10, with the two mechanisms not being compatible.


Controller –This can be thought of as the remote to your system, similar to that of a remote to a television. The controller is used to control all of the devices within your home automation system.


Z-Wave –This is a growing trend within home automation. It is a chipset that allows wireless communication for your system.


When looking into or installing a home automation system many confusing terms will be thrown out in the conversation, often leaving you confused and maybe even overwhelmed. By understanding the basic home automation terms you’ll surely get the best home automation system possible.

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