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How Home Automation is Changing the Housing Market

home automation

Will your next home have to have home automation features installed?

While smart homes used to be purely science fiction, they are quickly becoming not only science fact, but will soon be standard amongst homes. Home automation may be in it’s early days, but it is poised to boom and become commonplace over the next decade, which is starting to have profound effects on the housing market. In fact, according to a recent survey, 81% of those homeowners who currently own smart home devices say they would be more willing to move into a home with the connected tech already in place.  

Connected Tech Is Becoming Increasingly Important

Two important figures show just how important home automation is becoming to those who make use of it. 81% of homeowners find homes with connected tech more attractive, which is a staggering number considering the relative newness of home automation technology and all of its advances are. 66% said they would leave their smart home products behind if they believed it would make their home sell faster, and the grip of home automation is only expected to get stronger.   

Millennials And Smart Homes

Millennials are the generation coming into prominence, and their tastes will help set market precedents for years. As it stands now, nearly half of all millennials, who represent about a quarter of the total US population, make use of smart home devices and home automation regularly. As they work and age and settle into homes, this will undoubtedly continue to influence how those selling homes choose to make their homes attractive in a constantly evolving market.  

Parents And Home Automation

As well as the millennial fixation on home automation, it has also been noticed that parents with kids under the age of 18 still living at home tend to buy more smart home products than the average consumer. It is not long before the broad intergenerational appeal of home automation makes the trend a standard.

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