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4 of the Best Alarm.com Alerts


Alarm.com offers some very useful alerts for unexpected activities that will help keep you safe.

Alarm.com helps to keep your home safer with Unexpected Activity notifications. These work to alert you to strange and unexpected events in your home which can be indicators of danger or trouble. Here are four highly valuable and useful Alarm.com alerts that you can use to increase safety and security in your smart home.

The Temperature Threshold Alert

These are great for frequent travellers or second homeowners. This alert lets you know if your home’s heating stops working over the winter while you aren’t there. If the temperature in your home drops below a certain threshold, you will get a notification. This allows you to take action before pipes freeze and burst in your home. A burst pipe can lead to destructive and costly water damage.  

When Your Smoke Detector Has A Low Battery

It is easy to forget about changing your smoke detector’s batteries. You have so much on your plate every day that it can be easy to put things off for long periods of time. A smart smoke detector that is part of an alarm.com powered security system will send you an alert when it’s battery is running low.

Curfew Alert

If you are going out for the evening, but still want your teens in at a reasonable time, you can now know. You can use a type of user code alert to know if your kids arrive home and disarm the security system past a certain time.  

Know When Your Fridge Is Left Open

Have you ever come home to a fridge full of rotten food after the door was accidentally left open? Or how about a mushy partially-thawed freezer of ruined leftovers and food staples? This can be avoided when you place a designated contact sensor on the door of your fridge and activate a pre-set notification.

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