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Make the Most of Halloween with Home Automation

Nice home lite up at night

You can get spooky, or just festive with nice orange lighting.

Home automation is something that is gaining popularity rapidly as homeowners become more connected, technology savvy, and focused on customizing their homes.  Here are some fun and unique ways to take advantage of home automation during the spooky Halloween season.

Get Spooky with Lighting

One of  the most common things to automate around the home is lighting. Instead of using traditional tea lights to light up the jack-o’-lanterns outside of your house, use electric candles to keep the light going all night long and stay safe. Automated lighting can also be used outside of your home as a decoration. Hook up the Halloween lights outside of your home so that they turn off as anyone approaches or flicker after a knock on the door. Automated home lighting is one of the most fun things to play around with for the Halloween season.

Use Your Halloween Electronics

If you are used to going all out for Halloween when it comes to decorating your house, you almost definitely already own a fog machine. Plug your fog machine into a smart outlet and you can turn it on or off from anywhere, set it to start at a certain time, or set it to turn off after trick-or-treaters are done for the night.  Just like you did with your Halloween lights, you can also set up your fog machine to turn on or off in response to various stimuli, like trick-or-treaters walking up your driveway or knocking on your door.

Change Colors for One Night

If you already have smart bulbs inside the lamps and lighting devices inside of your home, changing the color for Halloween is a very fun way to celebrate without getting too spooky. Using the appropriate app, you can change all the lighting inside of your home to orange or purple for as long or as short as you like to on Halloween. A fun surprise for your kids would be changing it to orange just as the sun sets to make the night extra special. Don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative when it comes to automated lighting in your home on Halloween.

Upgrade Your Halloween House with Home Automation from Integrated Technologies Group

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