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Universal Remotes 101

universal remote

A universal remote will seriously improve your home theater experience.

Rather than having a coffee table cluttered with remotes, opting for universal remotes can streamline your entire home theater experience and make everything go smoothly. Universal remotes combine all of the command functions of multiple remotes or remote apps into one single handheld device. Below you will find a handy guide to some common and popular options in the world of universal remotes.  

Multibrand Universal Remotes Handle The Basics  

These often come for free with gear like TVs and receivers pre-programmed with different infrared codes so you can control more than one component of your overall system with a single remote. While these give you basic control over a range of audio/visual components including receivers, TVs, cable boxes, and Blu-ray players, they may not be able to handle everything.  

Programmable Remotes Offer More Convenience  

Macros allow you to consolidate commands. With the press of a single button, universal remotes can send commands to all the right places. If you include home automation control in your remote, it could even potentially turn the lights on and off, dim them, and close and open blinds. All of this can be done from one convenient device.   

Some Universal Remotes Even Have Touch Screens

Some of the most cutting edge and highly sophisticated universal remotes out there utilize touch screens. This means that the remote’s touch screen is comparable to that of a smartphone. Some of these offer different button layouts and customizable icons, so you only have exactly what suits your needs at your fingertips.

Remote Control And Your Smartphone

Some top of the line advanced universal remotes offer smartphone and tablet apps for fully integrated accessibility. Just as physical universal remotes replace a whole box full of single-component remotes, the universal remote app replaces apps which only serve one purpose across your devices.

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