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Tips for Choosing a Soundbar

tips for choosing a soundbar

A living room this beautiful deserves a soundbar that can deliver sound just as beautiful.

While you may love the amazing picture quality on your new, thin, modern television, you might have noticed that the sound quality doesn’t quite match up. A soundbar can significantly upgrade your television’s sound quality and enhance your entire football (or Netflix) watching experience. How can you choose the right soundbar for you and your television?

Why Are Soundbars a Great Choice?

Before you can choose the right soundbar, you should understand what they generally do. Almost every soundbar on the market will do the following:

  • Make dialogue easier to understand—Soundbars add volume and fullness to the sound of your television, so dialogue will come through clearer than before
  • Even out your television volume—Soundbars do a great job at eliminating jarring changes in sound between programs, commercials, and advertisements
  • Play your music for you—Most soundbars come equipped with Bluetooth capabilities so that they can pair with your phone or digital media player. Some soundbars have USB inputs so you could put music on a flash drive and plug it in for easy listening.

Where Can You Place a Soundbar?

Soundbars can be placed at different places throughout your home or apartment, but here are the most common locations:

  • On top of your television stand or entertainment center—Before planning on doing this, make sure that you measure the size of the soundbar and the size of your entertainment center. Many are not wide enough to accommodate both the television and soundbar.
  • Mounted on the wall underneath your wall-mounted television
  • Place it underneath your TV if it is a platform-style soundbar

Do You Need a Subwoofer?

Subwoofers work by reproducing low bass frequencies to fully replicate surround or movie theatre type sound. If you use your sound system for lots of movies, video games, or music with a lot of bass, a separate subwoofer can be a great investment.

Upgrade Your Television with Integrated Technologies Group

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